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Fish selling & Vessels Management  

Thomson International are vessel agents and fish salesmen for many of the major Corporate companies throughout UK. & Europe We have extensive market knowledge and provide an all inclusive service to fishing vessel owners and skippers who sell their fish on Scrabster market or consign to other UK or European markets. Our main customer base is in the UK along with Denmark, Faroe Isles , Belgium, Spain, Iceland and Norway.

We buy and sell on Scrabster market on a daily basis. Whether landing to the market or consigning Thomson International can provide you with the following services: - 
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Shipping / Agency Services

Our shipping & agency department takes care of all the vessels that land to Thomson International and provide a reliable 24-hour service throughout the year. From point of initial notification of arrival of your vessel (s), and during its stay in port we will attend to all supplies, services, agency work, Customs and Immigration clearance of your vessels, passengers, and cargoes.

For importers and exporters we provide full documentation for your freight imports and exports and arrange Customs clearance at import and for exportation.

We provide these services, not only at our homeport of Scrabster but throughout the North and West coast ports.

We have the in-house expertise, gained from years of experience and based on our ongoing commitment to maintain our renowned high standard of service ;
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We have no commercial ties with any suppliers ensuring that competitive prices are always achieved.
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